Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Things that Clog your Drain

If you’ve ever unplugged your family home’s clogged drain and thought “eww—what IS this?”–then this post is for you! As professional plumbers we have literally seen it all when it comes to clogged drains, from childrens’ toys to keys to cotton balls and pasta. Having seen it all, numerous times, we’ve come up with our … Read More

Plumbing Safety: A How-To

While, here at Hayes, we encourage our customers to tackle small, DIY plumbing projects on their own and flex their true homeowner muscle—do it safely. Plumbing can be an extremely dangerous field, which is why we (as plumbers) go through years and years of schooling and apprenticeships, but also carry hundreds of thousands of dollars … Read More

Proper Hot Water Tank Maintenance

If you’re reading this then you’ve likely heard something about the importance of hot-water tank maintenance. Should you know all about this, then skip below to where we offer you our professional hot water tank maintenance tips—but if you don’t realize the true importance, then read more to understand why you should maintain and clean … Read More

What’s the best way to redecorate a bathroom?

It is hard to choose from all the bathroom renovation ideas out there—just ask any confused man in the bathroom department of Home Depot—but there are a number of BEST bathroom renovation ideas. And we’ve put them all together below (so men, you can stop circling the bathroom aisle at The Depot): Choose Calm Colours … Read More

What’s the best way to fix a leaking faucet?

There are a number of ways to treat a leaky faucet—but what’s the best way to fix a leaky faucet? In this blog post we’ll delve—head first—into how to deal with a leaky faucet and stop that incessant, anger-inducing, might-as-well-be-being-water-boarded drip. Fix or Fire your Faucet The first thing you need to do is decide … Read More