Monthly Archives: October 2013

6 Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are no longer the yellow and blue built-in sinks and laminate counters that most of us had growing up—no sir, they’ve come a LONG way, in both design and functionality. Your options are now nearly endless, with every element of a bathroom entirely customizable—especially bathroom vanities. To help you choose the perfect vanity … Read More

Tips on How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger Than It Is

As professional plumbers, bathroom renovators and bathroom ideas type of people, we regularly maximize bathroom space. We use our designs to help our clients bathrooms look larger than they are—because let’s face it, very few homes have large and spacious bathrooms. If you’re planning bathroom renovations on a small, smaller, or small-‘ish’ bathroom that you … Read More

5 Plumbing Supplies you Shouldn’t Live Without

No proud, DIY, manly homeowner should be without basic plumbing supplies that equip you to be ready at the drop of a hat to become Mr. Fix It (or Mrs.!) in a plumbing emergency. And trust us—plumbing emergencies happen at the worst time, and need immediate remedy. So, to help you be ready for your … Read More