Monthly Archives: January 2014

24-Hour Plumbers—How to Get After Hours Plumbing Help

24-hour plumbers are a critical element to our society—because when you need plumbing help, you need it immediately. As for how to get after hours plumbing help, the process is relatively simple. Your first step is deciding if your plumbing emergency truly is an emergency, or if it can wait until morning. 24-Hour Plumbers—Do you … Read More

Water Filtration: How Often Should I Change My Filter?

When we install our professional-grade home water filtration systems we’re always asked the same, inevitable question—how often should I change my filter? We love this question. Why do we love it? Because people are pre-planning their water filtration needs—and we’re head over heels for clean water. It’s a geeky answer but it’s true. Another thing … Read More

Problem Water? How to Diagnose Home Water Issues

Problem water is…well, a problem for millions of homes across the country at one point or another. Far too many of them however go untreated. Untreated water issues can make cleaning harder and hair greasier (as with hard water) and cause health issues due to the water quality. Stop the madness! Diagnosing home water issues … Read More

5 Reasons you Should Use a Water Softener

A water softener is worth its weight in calcium…literally! The amount of calcium and magnesium that it takes out of your water will quickly outweigh the device itself…but the minerals and device are neither here nor there—the really important element of water softeners are…listed below. 5 Reasons you Should Use a Water Softener The reasons … Read More

Green Plumbing: An Eco Plumbing How-To

Green plumbing, aka eco plumbing, is a growing trend with homeowners, as your home’s water use largely dictates how ‘green’ your home is. Luckily, joining the green plumbing revolution is easier than you’d think, which is why we’ve created this handy eco-plumbing how-to! Green Plumbing: An Eco Plumbing How-To To help you go green with … Read More