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Plumbing: Tips On Dealing With A Leak In Your Home

Warm weather is in the air! You’re ready to embark on a peaceful, relaxing weekend filled with movies, snacks, and most important of all, plenty of time to sit in your favourite reclining chair! Suddenly, you notice an odd, brown-coloured spot on your ceiling. After studying it for a few seconds, you come to the … Read More

Plumbing 101 for New Homeowners

Excitement is in the air- you’ve finally accomplished what you’ve always dreamed of! After countless years of saving your hard-earned money, not to mention the distractions and hard times in between, you can now say that you are the owner of a house. However, after the initial excitement passes and responsibility takes over, some of … Read More

Shut off valves: How they can save your plumbing

Do you remember the last time you had to turn off your home’s water supply valve, and what caused you to do so? Typically, if you were to try and fix a leaky faucet in your master bedroom, your main water supply valve will need to be turned off, preventing anyone else in your home … Read More