Monthly Archives: April 2014

When It’s Time To Replace Your Toilet

Spring is almost here, and it’s a great time to spruce things up in your home! Unfortunately, many people tend to be fixated on replacing some of their “cosmetic” items rather than the necessities that they use every day. Instead of swapping out that giant mirror that you have in your hallway, perhaps it would … Read More

Getting Your Plumbing Ready For Spring!

Now that old man winter has packed his bags, it’s the perfect time to prepare for one of the most popular seasons in Ontario: spring! With the prevalence of green grass and sprinklers on the horizon, we recommend that you get a head start on getting your plumbing ready for this season. Getting Your Plumbing … Read More

Plumbing: When You Should Get A Drain Cleaning

It’s safe to say that we can sometimes take our drains for granted. We use them constantly- we have them in our kitchen sinks, our bath tubs/showers, and even in our basements. Without them, we would have no way to easily dispel the water in our homes. When our drains start to clog, it can … Read More

The Significance Of Using A Licensed Plumber

Sometimes, we all just want to save a few bucks. When it comes to hiring a contractor, many people will try to offer their services to us in this highly competitive field. Some of them, such as those found on popular online community boards or classified ads, will charge a shockingly low rate for their … Read More