Monthly Archives: June 2014

Tips To Properly Assess A Leaky Faucet

Is your faucet leaking? There are many reasons why this common problem can occur.  Whether it’s simply “wear and tear” from being used for such a long period of time, caused by the improper installation of a washer, or caused by a broken pipe in your home, it’s something that needs to be addressed as … Read More

Should You Renovate Every Bathroom In Your Home?

If you’ve ever had one of your bathrooms renovated in your home, chances are that you’ve wrestled with the following question: should you renovate every other bathroom in your home? After seeing the vast improvements in the overall look of your newly renovated bathroom, it can be a struggle to avoid sprucing up all the … Read More

When You Should Replace Your Bathtub

It’s safe to say that bathtubs can last for quite a long time. If you reflect on your childhood, chances are that you didn’t see your parents replace your bathtub too often. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore any potential signs that you may need to get a new replacement for it. Many … Read More

Is Your Plunger Getting The Job Done?

A plunger is one of the most important and effective tools that you can have in your home. We rely on our plungers to help prevent some costly repairs- after all, when a toilet is plugged up and overflows, it can cause significant damage to your floor, along with the room beneath that particular bathroom. … Read More

Tree Roots and your Plumbing

Tree roots are to plumbing as kryptonite is to Superman—as tree roots can bring a plumbing system to its knees. Why Tree Roots have a Dangerous Love Affair with Plumbing When you think deeply about why roots have a love affair with plumbing, the answer is simple: plumbing pipes are a tree-root mecca. They carry … Read More