Monthly Archives: February 2015

How to Make Effective use of Available Space in Your Bathroom

Millions of property owners are now buying smaller homes as property prices rise across the country. While space within starter properties might be smaller, there’s no reason that your ownership dreams should be modified. With the right tools and a commitment to property design, you can ensure you make effective use of all available space … Read More

Is Your Water Heater Reaching Maximum Efficiency?

Water heating is considered the second largest energy expense within the average North American home. After heating and cooling, water heating accounts for around 18% of your home’s total energy costs. This means that achieving high level water heater efficiency should be a leading consideration. However, many homeowners find it difficult to improve the efficiency … Read More

3 Tips for Resolving Water Pressure Issues

Low water pressure can become a burden if you’re a homeowner with a busy lifestyle without the time to wait for a shower or sink to reach maximum flow. Low flow or low water pressure has numerous potential causes within the average family home but fortunately these problems can be mitigated through various maintenance techniques. … Read More

Your Bathroom Renovation Checklist

By giving their bathroom renovation the ideal foundation, homeowners can prevent many of the additional costs and time delays that can cause a project to lose its appeal. It takes time to create this ideal foundation. But in this blog, we’ll take a look at the elements homeowners require to get their bathroom renovation project … Read More