Monthly Archives: June 2015

5 Tips for a Successful Summer Bathroom Renovation

The summer is widely considered one the most popular seasons in which to upgrade your home. With the warmer weather now here across Ontario, many homeowners are now planning their upcoming bathroom renovation projects. It’s important, before beginning the work, to understand how the most successful renovations are completed. Within this post, we’ll examine five … Read More

5 Common Warm Weather Plumbing Issue

The summer is now here and homeowners are now enjoying the wonderful warm weather the season brings. But you may find that the arrival of the summer sunshine has coincided with several new plumbing issues within your home. Many plumbing problems are prevalent during summer and within this post, our team will outline five of … Read More

Your Guide to Summer Plumbing Maintenance

With the warmer weather now here, homeowners across Ontario must remain vigilant in protecting their home plumbing systems this summer season. Summer brings with it a new series of plumbing problems to be on guard for, and so within this post, the team here at Hayes Plumbing will examine several summer plumbing maintenance tasks. Complete … Read More