Monthly Archives: July 2015

Three Tips for Cost-Efficient Sprinkler Use

A sprinkler system offers a convenient way to water a home lawn and keep grass looking its vibrant best during spells of dry weather. But many homeowners are finding that their home sprinkler system is costing them hundreds of dollars extra in terms of water use annually. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques homeowners … Read More

3 Mistakes Homeowners Make in Trying to Unclog Drains

It’s happened to almost all homeowners at one point or another. That dreaded clogged drain which seems to take hours to become unclogged. When becoming frustrated with clogged drain in their home, property owners make a wide-range of mistakes in how they handle this issue. And within this latest post, we’ll explore three of the … Read More

Selecting a Shower System for a Condo Property

The modern Canadian lifestyle requires an understanding of the utility of space and of the leading design concepts for making the most of smaller rooms. Millions across the country are now choosing to live in condo properties for their stylish appeal and their affordable pricing. But some are finding that it can be challenging to … Read More

How to Child-Proof Your Home Faucets

Homeowners can help protect their children by taking a proactive approach to child-proofing their property. While most parents understand the need to add a gate to their stair areas and to add a child-lock on medicine cabinets, few have the forethought to child-proof their home faucets. This can present a number of dangerous scenarios in … Read More

A Quick Guide to Preparing Your Home Plumbing for Fall

While the summer sun continues to shine down on us, it won’t be long now until we notice the temperature begin to drop again as fall makes its way across Ontario. To help ensure your home is ready for the fall season, it’s important to understand the plumbing checks that are required at this time … Read More