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3 Ways To Reuse Bathroom Tile

Reuse Bathroom Tile - Haye's Plumbing

Busting up your bathroom? Whether they come off in one piece or immediately go to pieces, don’t let those tiles go to waste. There are so many useful and creative ways to upcycle those old bathroom tiles, and these projects are a fun, creative way to spend a weekend afternoon: Mosaics Even if you don’t … Read More

5 Beautiful Styles Of Bathroom Sink

Beautiful Bathroom Sinks - Haye's Plumbing

You use it every day to wash your hands and brush your teeth, but do you ever really notice the bathroom sink? Subject to repeated use and abuse, this necessary piece of functional furniture can be easily overlooked. But whether you’re remodelling or simply replacing an old sink, these beautiful styles and materials can turn … Read More

Bring More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom

Bring More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom - Haye's Plumbing

When it comes to interior design, more is not necessarily better, unless we’re talking about natural light. In which case, bring it on! Both novice and amateur designers alike covet natural light in their designs – not only does natural light allow you to see (and generally feel better), it can also decrease depression and … Read More

Banish Bathroom Mould For Good

Banish bathroom mould for good - Haye's Plumbing

Pesky, frustrating and not the kind of thing anyone wants to wake up to, bathroom mould is one of the most common problems home owners face. The good news is, assuming it hasn’t gotten out of control, mold is relatively easy to get rid of, and even easier to prevent – if you know what … Read More

How To Create Your Own Bathroom Spa Retreat

Create Your Own Bathroom Spa Retreat - Haye's Plumbing

After a long day at work, once the dinner dishes are cleared and those crazy kids are off to bed, if the most relaxing thing you can think of doing to unwind is a glass of wine on the couch, we’ve got a better idea. Why not convert your bathroom into a luxurious retreat? An … Read More