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Three Plumbing Problems That Call For A Pro

plumbing problems that call for a pro - haye's plumbing

Common problems with your water pipes can be a real nuisance, but thanks to the Internet (YouTube is a life saver) with just a little elbow grease you can most often fix them by yourself. However, no matter how handy you are you won’t be able to DIY every plumbing problem you face. When the … Read More

5 Bathroom Luxuries We Drool Over

5 bathroom luxuries we drool over - haye's plumbing

Expensive soaps and heated towel racks can make your bathroom feel a little more special, but what would you splurge on to turn your bathroom into a true sanctuary? These bathroom luxuries will leave you considering a bathroom remodel: Soaker Tub Is there anything more relaxing than easing your tired body into a hot bath … Read More

The Benefits Of Installing A Water Filtration System

True or False: You should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses (2 litres or half a gallon) of water a day. If you said true, you’re right! Armchair nutritionists may disagree, but health authorities commonly recommend we follow the “8 x 8” rule and get at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water – which can … Read More

Paint Your Bathroom Like A Pro

paint your bathroom like the pros - haye's plumbing

From peeling paint to mildew stains, there are myriad reasons your bathroom may need a paint refresher. You don’t have to call in the pros for this task. A long weekend and some patience is all you need to get a professional finish on a budget. Pick Your Products Not all paint is created equal, … Read More

Mirror Repair – Get Rid Of Blacks Spots & Cracks

bathroom mirror repair - haye's plumbing

Arguably the most overlooked aspect of the whole room, the bathroom mirror is like the one that got away – you don’t realize how much you need it until it’s gone. With time, bathroom mirrors can show signs of ageing, black spots or even cracks. If your mirror is looking less than brand new, don’t … Read More