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5 Things You Should Never Flush

five things you should never flush - haye's plumbing

Though your toilet is technically a waste disposal unit, that doesn’t mean you should dump just anything down there. The same goes for the sink, even if you have a compactor installed. From clogging up your pipes to having serious ecological implications, never dispose of the following items by dropping them down the drain: Fat, … Read More

Bathtub Vs Shower – That Is The Question

bathtub vs shower - haye's plumbing

A bold 2014 MarketWatch headline declared, “Bathtubs are out, Standing Showers are in.” In new design and renos the humble tub seems to be getting kicked to the curb in favour of larger, sleeker showers that offer multiple options, tons of space and are more economical. Who takes baths nowadays, anyway? For many reasons, the … Read More

How To Winterize Your Plumbing

how to winterize your plumbing - haye's plumbing

Though it may be unseasonably warm out for this time of year, don’t let that lovely mid-afternoon heat lull you into a false sense of security. It’s been a long time since high school so we won’t blame you if you don’t remember that when the temperature in and around your pipes drops below zero … Read More

Faucet 101 – What You Need To Know

faucet 101 - haye's plumbing

You may think there’s nothing to a faucet – turn the tap and water runs, what more is there to know? A little knowledge can go a long way, however, especially if that faucet develops a leak or the water doesn’t flow. The four most common styles of faucets are: Ball Faucets: Straight forward in … Read More

2016 Bathroom Trends To Inspire Your New Year Renos

2016 bathroom trends - haye's plumbing

No longer simply the room where you and for your family perform your morning and evening rituals (and everything in between), the bathroom is finally being recognized as the integral part of your home that it is, with sharp, smart and elegant design. 2016 has much in store by way of trends in bathroom design … Read More