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5 Areas to Add an Extra Bathroom

Bathroom space

Are you tired of having to wait until it’s your turn to take a shower every morning? Are you frustrated about not being able to go when you need to go because someone’s still in the bathroom? If so, perhaps it is time for you to consider getting an extra bathroom done. If you think … Read More

Prepare Your Home for Winter to Avoid Leaky Pipes

Frozen Water Pipe

We often hear people say that plumbing problems occur at really inconvenient times – like over the holidays and during winter break when all you want to do is enjoy time with your loved ones. That is somewhat true but that is because it is during these seasons that your pipes are more strained too. … Read More

5 Common Winter Plumbing Problems to Watch Out For

A small amount of water freezes into an icicle as it comes out of a tap, snow covers the ground in this picture. The tap has a snow covered red handle. This picture could be used to symbolize the problems with plumbing in the winter months.

Every homeowner knows that as the winter season arrives, some challenges also begin to arise. Of course, the weather gets extremely cold, roads become icier and more dangerous, snow starts to pile up everywhere. These situations cannot be prevented. However, there are still some matters that are within your control if you catch them early, … Read More