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Get to Know Our Plumbing Tools!

Work tools background.

Most of our customers are curious about the tools we use. But very few actually ask if they could take a look inside our tool boxes and get to know them. We can’t blame you though. Naturally, you’d be more interested on how well we fix your plumbing problem, your new fixture installation, and more. … Read More

Why You Should Be on the Lookout for Mildew and Mold

Black mold in the corner of room wall. Preparation for mold removal.

You may be a careful housekeeper, but that does not mean you are immune from mould and mildew occurrences. Damp areas in your home like bathrooms and basements are all great breeding grounds for these nuisances. Some might say they are not much of a big deal in well-maintained homes. But if you allow these … Read More

How is Your Home Irrigation Maintenance?

Garden automatic Irrigation system spray watering lawn.

Irrigation for landscapes uses about 50% or more of the amount of water that is provided by most utilities. When irrigation is not maintained properly, it means much of the water allotted for it never reaches its intended destination and may even be watering way below the root zone.   Keeping the irrigation system in … Read More

Should You Replace Your Toilet Now?

Hand is fixing a toilet cistern at home

Your toilet may be damaged, there may be leaks, or you’re just thinking of remodeling your bathroom – whatever the reason is, time will come when you’d want to consider replacing your toilet at home.   If you’re not sure whether it is time to do so or not, here is a list of signs … Read More

Why This Could Be the Year You Save Water at Home

drop of water from the tap Wassertropfen aus Wasserhahn

Conserving water has become an important practice all over the world, even in those areas where water seems to be more than abundant. But still, we may be finding ourselves wondering if there’s anything else we could have done to save water. Well, this is a new year, and there’s nothing better than starting out … Read More