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Are You Ready for a Bathroom Renovation?

Planned renovation of a luxury bathroom estate home shower

A bathroom renovation can be quite a stressful project, but with some helpful tips, you can definitely keep it from turning into a big ball of disaster.  Bathrooms are among the most difficult renovation project to endure mainly because of how inconvenient it is when your bathroom is “out of order”. This is especially so … Read More

So… What’s in Your Tap Water?

Wassertropfen aus dem Wasserhahn, Nahmaufnahme mit Makro

Did you know that there may be over 2000 types of toxic chemicals in your tap water? Yes, you have read right. That is enough reason to make sure you own and use a water purification system. That is the only way you can be sure that the tap water you are using is healthy … Read More

What to Do with Molds in Your Bathroom

Hard water leaves traces in the bathroom.

Who would want a bathroom full of mold? No one! When you see mold in your bathroom, naturally, you’d want to get rid of it. Before you start working on getting rid of it though, you should understand first, why it is attracted to your bathroom and where else it could be growing.   You … Read More

5 Common Plumbing Myths: Debunked

plumber with tool belt and wrench in hand standing in bathroom

With the unlimited ‘information’ available to you online, it’s very easy to be misled by common misconceptions and myths about things – even about plumbing. You’d be glad to know however that Hayes Plumbing genuinely cares for you and your plumbing, whether it’s in your home or business. That is why we have rounded up … Read More

Why is Flushing Your Toilet So Noisy?

a flush toilet on wood floor

If you have been living in your home for quite some time now, you probably have grown accustomed to the “normal” sounds you toilet makes when you use it. Yes, we mean that faint whooshing sound that water makes as you flush and that hissing sound that signals the refilling of the tank. When you … Read More