Monthly Archives: June 2017

Plumbing Leaks and Households Pests

Who likes a plumbing leak? It’s a waste of water and money, it’s messy, and with the cleaning you have to do, it’s frustrating too. As if those are not enough, here are other awful things that come with leaks – household pests. If you are like many homeowners, this particular consequence is not something … Read More

Why You Should Consider a Whole House Water Filtration System

Not many people know that the quality of the water they drink and use is severely affected by contaminants every single day. These contaminants come from various sources and find their way into our water supplies either accidentally or through intentional chemical treatments. Your body needs good and clean water for it to be healthy. … Read More

Why You Should Keep Your Sump Pump Clean

Most homeowners who have had a flood in their basements experience it without knowing that it could actually happen to them. Many believed they were safe as they were protected by a fully functioning sump pump, only to find (too late) that their sump pump malfunctioned because of neglect. You see, your sump pump is … Read More

Is Your Toilet Saying Goodbye?

Does your toilet look too retro for the rest of the home? Is it giving you a tired and retired vibe? Does it give you more drama than your favourite television shows? If so, then it’s probably time to find a new one for your home. Here are some warning signs that tell you you’re … Read More

Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

If taking cold showers is going to be a problem with you, it is very important that you keep your water heater in top form. Performing a thorough inspection twice a year can help minimize the risk of your water heater suddenly breaking down. Aside from that, giving your water heater some TLC can actually … Read More