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Prevent Slipping in the Shower with Bathroom Upgrades

Retirement woman fell down in a restroom

Accidents like slip-and-fall do happen unexpectedly. But if there’s one place in the house where you’re at an increased risk, it would be the bathroom. With the wet tub and tiles, just one wrong step and you could be seriously damaged. The possibility of slipping and falling in your shower is not something to be … Read More

How to Deal with Limescale

Water tap with limescale, soiled bathroom faucet

Have you ever taken a peek inside your kettle or boiler? If so, you have probably noticed a tough, off-white, and somewhat stony crust at the bottom. That deposit is limescale – something that is left behind by hard water. Hard water, as you probably know, has higher levels of dissolved minerals. Minerals like calcium … Read More

Easy Fixes for Chipped Sinks and Bathtubs

Computer generated 3D illustration with a washbasin

We normally find enamel and porcelain bathtubs and sinks in Canadian homes. It is not surprising since they are very resilient. But that does not mean they are not invincible. In fact, you might find that if you drop something really heavy or hard (accidentally or otherwise), the surface of these fixtures could be easily … Read More

How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal Like a Pro

Female Plumber Working On Sink In Kitchen Kneeling Down Concentrating

It doesn’t matter whether you have been using a garbage disposal for a long time now or you have just recently bought your first one. You should know how to take care of your appliance if you want to be able to benefit from its full potential for a really long time. As you know, … Read More

Does Your Home Need Drain Cleaning?

Plumber Or Electrician Standing Next To Van Smiling At Camera

Everybody knows that blockages and clogs are never good for a home’s plumbing system. They can cause serious harm if they are not addressed immediately. There are a few indicators that could alarm you that it’s time to get professional drain cleaning. If you see any of these signs, call your local plumber from Hayes … Read More