Monthly Archives: December 2017

Ways to Keep Your Water Heating Bill Low

In your daily battle to save energy, your hot water heater is the weakest link. One of the reason is that you are probably still using a conventional type of water heater.   That kind of heater continuously works to keep your water hot and ready any time you need it. However, as much as … Read More

How to Make Sure Your Pipes Don’t Freeze

Learning how to prevent pipes from freezing can be a total lifesaver, especially this winter. Usually, when a pipe freezes, the damage goes way beyond a simple plumbing replacement. When things get worse, all your personal possessions in your basement, not to mention your walls, ceilings, and floors can be totally ruined. As you can … Read More

Is There Flood in Your Basement?

Basement floods happen without warning. If your home has a basement, then it can happen to you. It does not matter if it has never flooded in your area before. Because although it is true that most basement floods occur during rapid snowmelts or during rainy seasons, one can still occur during a very dry … Read More

Plumbing Basics Your Kids Should Know About

Kids start to get fascinated with water from their very first bath. That is why they revel at the sight of a kiddie pool… and even a bucket of water. This curiosity about water, however, can easily turn from fun to danger.   At all costs, you should try to avoid situations where your child … Read More