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Having a Child-Friendly Bathroom – How It’s Done

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most dangerous area in your house, especially for children. From the slippery floor to the hot water that could come out of your shower head, it seems like every corner of your bathroom poses a threat to your little ones. We cannot be there for our … Read More

Bathroom Fixtures: The Best Ways to Maintain Them

Don’t you just love the idea of having a squeaky-clean bathroom with shiny fixtures? That is among every homeowner’s dream. Unfortunately, achieving and maintaining a pristine bathroom is no easy feat. And spotless fixtures seem to be something we could only see on TV.   Stains and damages that come from water and soap, for … Read More

How to Solve Water Filter Issues

There are some under-sink water filter problems that can actually be resolved on your own. These common issues include water type and tank damages, among others. If you want to check the problem, then you should get an old towel ready for any drip and a headlamp or flashlight so you can see in the … Read More

Is Your Toilet Tank Leaking?

Is your toilet tank leaking water into your toilet bowl? There may be a few things causing this. Don’t worry though as there are also some easy ways you can check this problem. See If Your Toilet Tank is Really Leaking Before you do anything, you want to make sure that this is what’s really … Read More