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5 Different Ways to Unclog a Drain

unclog a drain image showing showerhead

We all know the feeling: You’re running water for your morning shower, and you notice it’s turning into a bath, instead. Don’t panic, instead, follow these tips to unclog your drain. 5 Ways to Unclog Your Drain Clogged drains are a reality of every household, but they’re never pleasant. Whether your sink is taking a … Read More

The Benefits of Having Your Bathroom Remodeled

When people set out to remodel or renovate their homes, they often start with the kitchen. Then they might turn their attention to backyard landscaping projects, or re-designing the living room or dining room to match the kitchen. What gets lost in all these considerations is the bathroom. Unless it is falling apart, the bathroom … Read More

Bathroom Plumbing: Does Yours Need to Be Repaired?

Close-up Of Male Plumber Fixing White Sink Pipe With Adjustable Wrench

Let’s face it, your bathroom plumbing gets used in a lot of ways you can imagine—from flushing toilets to showering and even draining sinks and tubs and a whole lot more! With this in mind, maintaining your bathroom plumbing properly and keeping it running smoothly is essential to the convenience and satisfaction of your home. … Read More

Unclogging a Toilet – 5 Ways to Do It

Male plumber unclogging a toilet with a plunger isolated on white background

Toilet clogs – no one wants to deal with them, but they do happen to the best of us. It is true that your local plumbers, just like the guys at Hayes Plumbing, will always be there for you, but dealing with clogged toilets is often a job that you can take on yourself. You … Read More

Toilet 101: What to Do When Yours Overflow

3D illustration

An overflowing toilet is something that no one wants to see – EVER! However, this is also a plumbing problem that all of us would likely deal with at some point. When water rises from the bowl, chances are that the culprit is a clogged toilet drain. Fortunately, this has an easy fix with some … Read More

Which is Better? Single-Bowl vs. Double-Bowl Sinks

Kitchen in new home with island, two sinks, window view of vibrant green trees, pendant lights, and cabinetry

For some homeowners, they are asking this question: Is it still a great idea to have a double-bowl sink at home? The double-bowl or divided sink became popular before the advent of the dishwasher. The two compartments served as an easy system for washing dishes – dirty dishes and soapy water in on bowl, and … Read More

Bathroom 101: Why Does Grout Crack?

Gray tile grout in a home shower that has broken apart and needs repair. Cracked and split grout in a house shower corner between the wall and floor that needs fixing.

If you are the type of homeowner who pays close attention to even the littlest of details, you might find that there are some sections of your bathroom grout that do not look as good as they once did. You might even find a crack or two, especially in joints where the wall meets the … Read More

Stains from Tubs, Sinks and Toilets – How to Remove Them

An old, rusty abandoned enamel bath tub.

Do you ever see brown stains on your tubs, sinks, and toilets? These stubborn stains are not necessarily the result of the rust problems in your plumbing system – not even in the water authority’s pipelines. Any water that has a sufficiently high iron content can be the cause why these stains are left over … Read More

Which is Better? Baths vs. Showers

Scandinavian bathroom, classic white vintage interior designScandinavian bathroom, classic white vintage interior design

Everybody needs to get clean; do you agree? While this is true, we do not all do it in the same way. When it comes to the choice between having a quick shower or a hot bath, there are different and strong opinions on both sides. But which actually is better?   The real answer … Read More

Bathroom Upgrades You Won’t Regret Having

plumbing and tools lying on drawing for repair. Focus on the word cold

Slip and fall accidents usually happen when you least expect them, but if there is one place you should expect to have an increased risk of an occurrence is the shower. Wet tiles and tubs can mean you are just one wrong move away from a fall that could lead to a serious injury.   … Read More