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Save Money by Saving Water

It might not seem like it now, but clean water is a scarce resource. Only 1 percent of the entire world’s water supply is safe for human consumption. And yet, despite the obvious issue of scarcity facing all of us, the average North American still uses between 80-100 gallons of water a day. A lot … Read More

Stains from Tubs, Sinks and Toilets – How to Remove Them

An old, rusty abandoned enamel bath tub.

Do you ever see brown stains on your tubs, sinks, and toilets? These stubborn stains are not necessarily the result of the rust problems in your plumbing system – not even in the water authority’s pipelines. Any water that has a sufficiently high iron content can be the cause why these stains are left over … Read More

Preventive Drain Cleaning Tips

Woman Mopping Up Leaking Kitchen Sink On Phone To Plumber

Having to call a plumber each time there’s a clogged drain in your home can be quite frustrating. Of course, it gives you the assurance that the problem will be solved, especially if you have a reliable plumber from Hayes Plumbing. But sometimes the timing is not right and when you’re busy with other things, … Read More

Does Your Home Need Drain Cleaning?

Plumber Or Electrician Standing Next To Van Smiling At Camera

Everybody knows that blockages and clogs are never good for a home’s plumbing system. They can cause serious harm if they are not addressed immediately. There are a few indicators that could alarm you that it’s time to get professional drain cleaning. If you see any of these signs, call your local plumber from Hayes … Read More

DIY Plumbing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Woman is calling a plumber to repair the leak

  Nowadays, a lot of people choose to go online if they need to fix minor plumbing concerns. That’s understandable. After all, there are small plumbing problems can be easily handled by a DIY aficionado. But there are just some things that you have to be really wary of. There may be some problems that … Read More

What You Need to Know about Liquid Drain Cleaners

What You Need to Know about Liquid Drain Cleaners

Homeowners seldom think about their property’s plumbing. What matters is that the water is going down the drain without trouble. However, chaos begins when the drains suddenly become clogged. For instance, when your bathtub drain is clogged, showering can be a little difficult, if not impossible. When the kitchen drain is clogged, your usually easy … Read More

Why Your Sewer Line Clogs

Excavated pipes for repair at construction site

Most homeowners encounter clogged drains every once in a while. Whether it’s your sink or your bathtub draining too slowly, we all agree that clogs can really spell trouble – especially if things go beyond the usual single clog. We’re talking about that disastrous situation when all the drains begin backing up at the same … Read More

What to Expect from Professional Drain Cleaning

Plumber unclogging a tub drain with an electric auger.

Professional drain cleaning should be made part of your home’s maintenance routine. Having a scheduled drain cleaning every year can greatly reduce and avoid problems from high water pressure, and in general, give your plumbing system a longer life span.   But what actually happens during a professional drain cleaning process? Drain cleaning is often … Read More

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal from Clogging

Garbage disposals are a lifesaver. It gets rid of your whole household’s unwanted leftovers, peels, and stale or expired food. It’s one of those things that you just know would be there, one that you expect to work. Most of the time we take them for granted. That is, until it tries to win back … Read More