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Save Money by Saving Water

It might not seem like it now, but clean water is a scarce resource. Only 1 percent of the entire world’s water supply is safe for human consumption. And yet, despite the obvious issue of scarcity facing all of us, the average North American still uses between 80-100 gallons of water a day. A lot … Read More

Plumbing Issues That Only the Pros Should Handle

DIY plumbing has become quite a popular activity in recent years. Ambitious homeowners with absolutely no experience whatsoever are installing the plumbing in a new bathroom or kitchen, thinking a quick YouTube tutorial is all they need to learn the intricacies of the profession. Only after a few failed attempts do they realize that installing … Read More

Home Plumbing Preventative Measures You Should Know

Close-up Of An Architect Drawing Plan On Blueprint With Plumbing Fixtures

Averting many of the common plumbing problems which you might encounter in your home can be done by one simple key factor—preventative maintenance. Most homeowners consider plumbing maintenance to be another tedious job or simply a waste of time and money. But virtually every homeowner having a plumbing issue would not agree with this! By … Read More

How-To: Caring for Your Dishwasher

open dishwasher with clean dishes at home kitchen

Our kitchen dishwasher makes our lives easy and saves us time and labour every single day. So, when your dishwasher is working as it should be, life can also be pretty fine. But what happens when it goes on the fritz and loses its cleaning efficiency? Dishwasher repairs will not really cost a lot of … Read More

Bathroom 101: Why Does Grout Crack?

Gray tile grout in a home shower that has broken apart and needs repair. Cracked and split grout in a house shower corner between the wall and floor that needs fixing.

If you are the type of homeowner who pays close attention to even the littlest of details, you might find that there are some sections of your bathroom grout that do not look as good as they once did. You might even find a crack or two, especially in joints where the wall meets the … Read More

Stains from Tubs, Sinks and Toilets – How to Remove Them

An old, rusty abandoned enamel bath tub.

Do you ever see brown stains on your tubs, sinks, and toilets? These stubborn stains are not necessarily the result of the rust problems in your plumbing system – not even in the water authority’s pipelines. Any water that has a sufficiently high iron content can be the cause why these stains are left over … Read More

You Need a New Dishwasher if You Experience These Signs

Young Happy Woman Arranging Plates In Dishwasher At Home

Most homeowners, especially busy ones, daydream of having a dishwasher (if they do not already have one). Why, you ask? Well, it eliminates a long and tedious chore which is washing the dishes, obviously! Since your dishwasher shows love this way, make sure you show it some love back by giving it the attention it … Read More

Dealing with Foul Bathroom Odours

Woman unclogs a stinky toilet with plunger isolated on white background

Have you ever walked past your bathroom and got hit in the face with an unpleasant smell? One of the worst things ever, don’t you agree? Whether the stench is man-made or a result of poor maintenance, such odours should not exist!   Fortunately, there are some things that you can do in order to … Read More

Having a Child-Friendly Bathroom – How It’s Done

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most dangerous area in your house, especially for children. From the slippery floor to the hot water that could come out of your shower head, it seems like every corner of your bathroom poses a threat to your little ones. We cannot be there for our … Read More