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How Do You Know if Your Plumbing Is Bad?

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Unless you’re a professional, plumbing can feel pretty confusing. After all, how are you to know what goes on in all those pipes and tubes? As it turns out, though, there are many things even plumbing-adverse homeowners can learn in order to spot trouble in their pipes and put an end to it before it … Read More

Plumbing Issues That Only the Pros Should Handle

DIY plumbing has become quite a popular activity in recent years. Ambitious homeowners with absolutely no experience whatsoever are installing the plumbing in a new bathroom or kitchen, thinking a quick YouTube tutorial is all they need to learn the intricacies of the profession. Only after a few failed attempts do they realize that installing … Read More

Great Tips for Cleaning the Dishwasher

Young Woman Cleaning Dishwasher With Rag And Spray Bottle In Kitchen

If you have ever investigated for a stink in your home and found yourself in the kitchen moments later, then your dishwasher could be the one responsible for it. Over the years, your dishwasher’s interior may accumulate germs and dirt that could cause some very nasty odours, although it may also be counter-intuitive. Fortunately, cleaning … Read More

Top Reasons Why Your Plumbing Has Started to Leak

Damaged leaking water tap hose in the bathroom of house, flat or other place. Plumbing concept.

Examine carefully the areas surrounding your sink and kitchen and bathroom fixtures. If there is excessive water in there, then it might be an indication that leaks have already started in your plumbing. It might not seem a significant deal at first, but these leaks can lead to immense difficulties for you, your loved ones, … Read More

Is It Time for You to Call a Professional Plumber?

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It is quite awesome that you are probably handy and able to fix things around your home, but some tasks can exceed our capabilities and might be better left done or fixed by professionals. This is particularly true for plumbing work. Occasionally, our best efforts are not sufficient enough to get the work done, or … Read More

Home Plumbing Preventative Measures You Should Know

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Averting many of the common plumbing problems which you might encounter in your home can be done by one simple key factor—preventative maintenance. Most homeowners consider plumbing maintenance to be another tedious job or simply a waste of time and money. But virtually every homeowner having a plumbing issue would not agree with this! By … Read More

Plumbing Leaks & How They Attract Pests

Close-up Of Male Plumber Fixing White Sink Pipe With Adjustable Wrench

Plumbing leaks can be a terrible mess and an all-around hassle for your household. Aside from wasting water, it also increases your monthly bill significantly. As if those things are not enough, there is one more appalling effect of leaks that might not instantly come out: household pests.   Insects and rodents need water to … Read More

Plunger 101: How to Properly Use It

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Being an essential necessity nowadays, indoor plumbing has become a major importance to every household, especially during plumbing emergencies such as having clogs. As some clogs may require expert assistance to fix, others only require a little effort from you and your trusty plunger.   There are several types of plungers and most of them … Read More

How-To: Caring for Your Dishwasher

open dishwasher with clean dishes at home kitchen

Our kitchen dishwasher makes our lives easy and saves us time and labour every single day. So, when your dishwasher is working as it should be, life can also be pretty fine. But what happens when it goes on the fritz and loses its cleaning efficiency? Dishwasher repairs will not really cost a lot of … Read More