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Plumbing Issues That Only the Pros Should Handle

DIY plumbing has become quite a popular activity in recent years. Ambitious homeowners with absolutely no experience whatsoever are installing the plumbing in a new bathroom or kitchen, thinking a quick YouTube tutorial is all they need to learn the intricacies of the profession. Only after a few failed attempts do they realize that installing … Read More

Plumbing Tips for Pet Lovers

cleaning dog with bucket and brush

For homeowners who are also pet lovers, this article is for you! Have you thought how your plumbing at home can affect your pets and vice versa? We know that this is an interesting concept to consider, so we have gathered a few tips that you should take into consideration if you own pets:   … Read More

Water Pipes: Should They Be Insulated?

Various plumbers tools and plumbing materials including copper pipe, elbow joint, wrench and spanner. shot on a bright stainless steel background. Shot in banner format with space for text or copy.

For most homeowners, deciding whether their homes’ hot water pipes should be insulated is a fairly easy decision. When you can have effective insulating pipe sleeves for a few dollars, it is hard to resist the simple energy savings that will eventually pay off for the years to come. However, not all homeowners know about … Read More

Jetted Bathtubs: The Pros and Cons

Luxurious master bathroom interior boasts jetted tub with curved windows facing the lake. Northwest, USA

If you feel like nothing beats the spa-like experience of soaking in a warm, jetted bathtub, you might be leaning towards having one installed in your own home bathroom. However, this is not the kind of remodeling decision that anyone can take lightly – jetted tubs come with a lot of responsibility.   THE PROS … Read More

Interested in an At-Home Dog Washing Station?

Bathing of the yellow labrador retriever. Happiness dog taking a bubble bath.

Many dogs as well as their owners can agree on one thing: giving a dog bath is real work. Being scrubbed and hosed down can be quite a stressful experience for dogs and hauling them in and out of the tub can be backbreaking for most owners. If you, on the other hand, outsource the … Read More

Is Replacing Water Pipes During a Home Remodel a Good Move?

A construction worker connecting plumbing pipe in an unfinished wall. Focus is on the connecting pipes.

Most remodeling projects involve some plumbing, and for some, plumbing is also a significant part of the project. It is important to incorporate this into the overall plans as it can affect the other phases of a project, especially the framing aspect. You will also want to know where to place the new plumbing, how … Read More

ABS vs. PVC Pipes – What are Their Differences?

PVC pipes and sun ligth bacground.

There are many reasons why plumbers and homeowners alike use plastic pipes in their plumbing projects. Plastic pipes are not only inexpensive, they are also lightweight and they never corrode. They are great in terms of keeping hot water hot, and they do not collect condensation from cold water, unlike metal pipes. However, not all … Read More

Easy Fixes for Chipped Sinks and Bathtubs

Computer generated 3D illustration with a washbasin

We normally find enamel and porcelain bathtubs and sinks in Canadian homes. It is not surprising since they are very resilient. But that does not mean they are not invincible. In fact, you might find that if you drop something really heavy or hard (accidentally or otherwise), the surface of these fixtures could be easily … Read More

What to Do with Molds in Your Bathroom

Hard water leaves traces in the bathroom.

Who would want a bathroom full of mold? No one! When you see mold in your bathroom, naturally, you’d want to get rid of it. Before you start working on getting rid of it though, you should understand first, why it is attracted to your bathroom and where else it could be growing.   You … Read More