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What to Do with Molds in Your Bathroom

Hard water leaves traces in the bathroom.

Who would want a bathroom full of mold? No one! When you see mold in your bathroom, naturally, you’d want to get rid of it. Before you start working on getting rid of it though, you should understand first, why it is attracted to your bathroom and where else it could be growing.   You … Read More

Reasons to Ditch Your Tub ASAP

More and more homeowners are making the switch to a walk-in bathroom stall due to its minimalist aesthetic and water-saving functionality. Walk-in shower stalls save tons of space your bathroom, thus improving the room’s overall flow and traffic. If you are the type who isn’t ready to give up the tub yet, you might want … Read More

How You Can Make Your Bathroom More Eco-friendly

When it comes to your bathroom, green is definitely in. Not only are eco-friendly designs very attractive, they also help you leave the least amount of carbon footprint. There are a variety of ways you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly – from your fixtures down to the type of flooring you choose. Make an … Read More

Selecting a Shower System for a Condo Property

The modern Canadian lifestyle requires an understanding of the utility of space and of the leading design concepts for making the most of smaller rooms. Millions across the country are now choosing to live in condo properties for their stylish appeal and their affordable pricing. But some are finding that it can be challenging to … Read More