Home Plumbing Preventative Measures You Should Know

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Averting many of the common plumbing problems which you might encounter in your home can be done by one simple key factor—preventative maintenance. Most homeowners consider plumbing maintenance to be another tedious job or simply a waste of time and money. But virtually every homeowner having a plumbing issue would not agree with this! By … Read More

Are DIY Plumbing Projects Worth the Risk?

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In this modern age, there are numerous websites and social forums detailing precisely how to replace anything in your home—from heating, cooling, and ventilation to a variety of plumbing fixtures, etc. It is very common for people to try to repair plumbing problems themselves rather than calling a professional plumber to get the job done. … Read More

Leaky Garbage Disposals – How to Deal with Them

Male Plumber Repairing Pipe Under Sink While Woman Squeezing Cloth In Kitchen

One of the most significant and essential parts of your kitchen sink strategy is garbage disposal, and when something goes bad with it, you will definitely know. That is because there will be a really awful stench coming from it. The culprit—a leaking garbage disposal that you would want to get fixed as soon as … Read More

Plumbing Leaks & How They Attract Pests

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Plumbing leaks can be a terrible mess and an all-around hassle for your household. Aside from wasting water, it also increases your monthly bill significantly. As if those things are not enough, there is one more appalling effect of leaks that might not instantly come out: household pests.   Insects and rodents need water to … Read More

Plunger 101: How to Properly Use It

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Being an essential necessity nowadays, indoor plumbing has become a major importance to every household, especially during plumbing emergencies such as having clogs. As some clogs may require expert assistance to fix, others only require a little effort from you and your trusty plunger.   There are several types of plungers and most of them … Read More

Is It Time to Go Tankless?

Tankless water heater in the bathroom

While most homes have standard water heaters, which store gallons of hot water and maintain a gradual temperature, there is another kind of storage tank – the tankless water heater – that heats water directly and on demand as it flows through your pipes.   Tankless water heaters provide many advantages; however, it may not … Read More

Unclogging a Toilet – 5 Ways to Do It

Male plumber unclogging a toilet with a plunger isolated on white background

Toilet clogs – no one wants to deal with them, but they do happen to the best of us. It is true that your local plumbers, just like the guys at Hayes Plumbing, will always be there for you, but dealing with clogged toilets is often a job that you can take on yourself. You … Read More

How-To: Caring for Your Dishwasher

open dishwasher with clean dishes at home kitchen

Our kitchen dishwasher makes our lives easy and saves us time and labour every single day. So, when your dishwasher is working as it should be, life can also be pretty fine. But what happens when it goes on the fritz and loses its cleaning efficiency? Dishwasher repairs will not really cost a lot of … Read More

Save Water All Throughout Your Home

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Anywhere we regularly use water, there is also that good chance there is something we can do to reduce our usage. There are actually three areas in the home where we can make changes with the most impact: the kitchen, the bathroom, and the garden.   If you are looking for minor ways you can … Read More